Wednesday, May 6, 2009


what if we never felt the need to compare ourselves-
what if we never felt like we need to 'keep up with the jones''-
what if we could forgive and forget, all the time, every time-
what if we could always have the un-tainted thinking of an infant-
what if we could have the assurance that no-one would ever wrong us-
what if we didn't ever need to eat to live-
what if we didn't have to worry about our kids as they wave good-bye and toddle off to school-
what if it was okay to just say whatever it is that invades our minds-
what if we just never had to worry about going to sleep, so we wouldn't have to 'wake up' and start our day over-
what if any anger, any anxious feeling, any worry could be cured by a bleeding wound, a bruised bone, or an over abundance of mt. dew-
what if we all just quit worrying about everyone else's lives and focused on our own, untamed, imperfect lives-
what if we had remotes that would control the volume of the hollers and screams of little children-
what if we all just took a break once in a while-
what if all our relationships in life were equally reciprocated-